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The Unique Nature Of Our Business Amongst Other Assets Recovery Agency

Fraud is a thriving industry across the globe. The list of individuals, governments and corporate entities falling as victims are intriguing. In fact, the lists of victims are endless. The perception that it is impossible to find assets gotten from fraud is myopic. It does not take long for most assets recovery agency to find such assets. We use legal remedies and investigative techniques to identify and recover such assets. We identify and expose fraudulent methods to prevent fraud.

Our asset recovery solutions

We provide services on intelligent investigations for local and international assets recovery. Our services will focus on private clients, banks, governments, and corporate entities. We have strategic partners spread across the globe.

What makes our recovery programs success?

1) Unique Identification

Our services are extensive due to our unique method of asset identification. We use well-trained and qualified teams of professionals in searching for assets. These experts search cities, states, the US, and the entire globe to identify assets to recover.

2) Our extensive validation process

We believe due diligence is a key component in assets recovery. Thus, our team applies due diligence to determine if a client is the legal owner of identified assets. Our business revolves around due diligence no matter how complex and demanding the circumstances. We engage in enhanced intelligence and due diligence in the recovery of all assets. This is a practice most assets recovery agency do no consider during assets recovery. We manage our services with full discretion under firm non-disclosure agreements. This is one of our major strengths in the assets recovery industry.

3) Personal approach

Asset recovery differs among clients, hence the need for personal. We treat every case as an individual entity. Hence, we offer customized services to meet the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive global-local approach is top notch in the asset recovery industry. We customize each recovery solution to meet the individual needs of all clients. This approach applies to both private and corporate clients. This is a service most assets recovery agency does not offer private clients.

4) Strategic global solutions

Most assets recovery agency limits their services to a country. We offer services that go beyond the boundaries of countries across the globe. One that will use a personalized approach to recovery your assets from any part of the world. This is who we are and what we offer you via our recovery process.

As one of the unique agency, we use experts who are senior former intelligence officers. Our agents have a vast background in underground gathering and collation of intelligence. We have well-trained intelligence analyst well prepared to support our intelligent officers. Our services revolve around proven and forensic investigative models of assets recovery. This practice makes most assets recovery agency envy us in the industry.

How do we recover assets?

Asset recovery is not an easy task, but it becomes easy when using the right team. We have teams of trained and dedicated experts who go overboard in of recovering your assets. The first step in our asset recovery process starts in our research department. We examine any information and data provided by clients and those in public domain.

We have access to millions of database across the globe which makes our research work easy. Thereafter, our field investigative officers follow up any leads for possible breakthroughs in the asset recovery process. Our human intelligence gathering process begins to secretly acquire information on recoverable assets. Our process is unique and can help in recovering any assets across the globe.


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