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Bats are fascinating creatures with an important role in the ecosystem. They seek shelter during the daytime in caves, trees, old buildings, bridges, and other sites. At night, they go out to search for insects to feed on. A bat can eat at least its body’s weight each night when it comes to insects. Some species feed on nectar and pollen, allowing pollination to take place as they move from one fruit tree to the next.

While bats are great for the environment, they’re not welcome in residential and commercial properties. To get rid of a bat infestation without harming these useful animals, we provide humane bat control services at Best Way Animal Removal. Our leading bat specialists in Holland, MI, remove the mammals safely from buildings and allow them to relocate to appropriate surroundings.

Our Bat Control Services

Bats love warm places where they can hibernate during the cold months. Attics provide the kind of shelter they need. Sometimes, bats live under roof eaves as they search for a permanent roosting site. If they happen to get access to your house, they’ll move into the attic.

There are two kinds of bats commonly found in North American homes: the small brown bat and the big brown bat. They can access your house through openings as small as a quarter-inch, thanks to their size.

Our Bat Removal Process

When offering bat removal professional services, we begin by examining the building to find the mammals’ entry and exit points. Possible entry points include chimneys, cracked siding, damaged flashing, and unscreened vents.

We then check the attic to examine signs that reveal the type of bat species we’re dealing with. There are more than 1,400 species of bats in the world, and each has distinct roosting, birthing, and hibernating characteristics. Knowing the exact species that have invaded your home allows us to use accurate control and safety measures when removing them.

The next step in our 24/7 bat control service involves installing an exclusion device. Unlike other household pests, traps aren’t an option when you’re trying to get rid of a colony of bats without harming them. Our exclusion device is a second to none solution that works by extracting the bats from inside the house and preventing re-entry.

After installing the device, our specialists seal up every other entry point, leaving just one that allows the bats to leave but never come back. Once all the bats have left the attic, we take out the exclusion device and close the remaining entry point.

We also inspect the attic for damages caused by the mammals and alert our clients regarding the necessary repairs. Bats cause damage by chewing through wires, walls, and insulation. Their urine and droppings stain walls and present a health risk as they contain bacteria, rabies, and fungus spores that can cause respiratory complications in humans.

Say Goodbye to Bats

At Best Way Animal Removal, we practice humane wildlife animal control and removal so that bats can move into their natural habitat where they pose no harm to humans. Our bat control service can permanently rid your house of the flying mammals, thanks to our unsurpassed exclusion method. Contact Best Way Animal Removal for the best, safest wildlife control. Phone: 616-836-4255.

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