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Bug and pest control is an evolving issue. In the old days, using “bug bombs” and dangerous pesticides were the norm for nearly every pest control company from local to national. But in 2019, that is evolving and changing. Companies are looking for solutions that are eco-friendly and safe for not only people, but pets, wildlife and Mother Nature.

But now when you search from organic tick control in Lynnfield, MA, there is only one name that you need to consider for your pest control needs: EcoMosquito.

What bug and organic tick control options are in Lynnfield, MA?

EcoMosquito – formed by three aspiring businessmen in 2018 – was created to solve tick and mosquito problems using natural techniques that are safe to use not only around you and your family, but your pets and safe for the environment as well.

They offer a satisfaction guarantee: that means if you aren’t happy with the results within two weeks, they will re-evaluate and re-treat at no further cost to you. That means you get the job done the best way possible, no matter what.

With mosquito and tick borne diseases on the rise in recent years, leading to more deaths than from any other animals on Earth, EcoMosquito aims to protect people, pets and wildlife without having harmful effects on the environment.

EcoMosquito resolves to provide the highest quality tick and mosquito control solutions:

  • They take steps to not only eliminate infestation but to provide repellancy.
  • Inevitably, there are times when additional traps, devices and structural controls are needed for tick and mosquito control. Vector control expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge to implement those additional methods of control when needed.
  • They take all the necessary measures to ensure that your property is free of tick and mosquito infestation. Not only that, but they ensure that any pets, kids or even yourself, will not be harmed by any of the means used. No more bug tents, no dangerous chemicals that could be hazardous to the environment. Simply tick and mosquito control that you require to live comfortably on your property without an infestation of annoying insects.

Organic tick removal in Lynnfield, MA has never been easier. EcoMosquito is fast, efficient, safe and friendly while removing those annoying pests from your property. Get the highest-quality service that you deserve when you use EcoMosquito.

 What are organic tick control options for dogs?

If your dogs have tick issues not necessarily caused by an infestation on your property, there are ways to address that. There are collars, essential oils, powders and pills that can be used to help keep your pets safe and tick-free. Finding the right option depend on your pet as they may not go for one option or another, but it is important to keep your dogs protected.

There are also shampoos available if your dog loves a good bath and the rub down that comes with it. Whatever the choice, knowing that your pet is protected offers a peace of mind that you may not have had before.

organic tick control Lynnfield MA



organic tick control Lynnfield MA

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