We offer Flea control services to the greater Phoenix area

How can you choose the best pest control in Rocky River, Ohio? Look for positive reviews, lengthy testimonials, and a good reputation in your community. Lakewood Exterminating has it all-; our technicians are able to provide an exceptional customer experience when you hire us to manage your pest problems both inside and outside of your home. We offer affordable Cleveland, Ohio ant control services that quickly deal with ant problems big and small.

Q: How much does Cleveland ant control cost?

A: Expect to pay an average of $150 to deal with ants at their source. Keep in mind that you’ll spend a lot more money on home remedies and OTC products that don’t work. Sprays and poisons that kill on contact won’t get to the colony- they only kill the ants you can see. You’ll find affordable rates from Lakewood Exterminating- call our office and ask to speak with an ant exterminator who can answer your questions.

Q: How do I choose an agency for pest control near Cleveland?

A: Ask around your circle of friends or coworkers to see who is meeting the needs of the community with budget-friendly services and reliable pest eradication. Don’t be surprised to hear our name among the list of reputable service providers.

Q: Who are the best pest exterminators in Cleveland, OH?

A: Perform a quick online search to find reputable pest control in Rocky River, OH and surrounding communities. You’ll find our name at the top of many lists:

  • Lakewood Exterminators
  • Ehrlich
  • Terminix
  • Critter Control of Cleveland
  • Precise Exterminating
  • Insight Pest Solutions
  • Defense Pest Control
  • Alpha Pest Control

Q: How safe are your products?

A: At Lakewood Exterminating, we only inject products into crevices and cracks where pest presence is known. People and pets inside and outside of your home are well-protected and poisons are inaccessible to all but pests.

Q: Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

A: Each of our pest control services comes with a warranty that includes retreatment at no additional cost. Your goals are ours, as well- a pest-free environment after a single treatment.

Q: Does Lakewood Exterminating employ pest experts?

A: Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced in getting rid of pests; we’re rated among the best pest control companies in the state for our passion and commitment to helping our customers achieve their objectives. Call us with any pest questions knowing we are able to provide concise and comprehensive answers.

Q: What kinds of pests do you exterminate?

A: Contact Lakewood Exterminating for a one-time solution to any pest problem, regardless of the size or scope of the infestation. We have a treatment for all pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Pantry Moths
  • Seasonal pests
  • Termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Stinging insects

Q: How do I schedule pest control services with Lakewood Exterminating?

A: A simple phone call is all it takes to book pest control in Rocky River, OH. Reach us at 215-510-9358 or connect with us through our web form.

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