We offer Flea control services to the greater Phoenix area

Fleas are small, bloodsucking insects that can feed on your dog or cat. Flea bites are extremely itchy and can even be a health issue for pets — these small pests can even invade your home! Total Flea Control, the flea control experts, are here to help you fight off fleas.

Fleas are approximately the same size as a grain of rice. They’re reddish-brown and can be quickly mistaken for specks of dirt. If you closely examine a flea, you’ll notice its relatively hair body. Fleas also have long, strong hind legs, which are well-suited for jumping.

Flea Hazards

A flea infestation is a health issue for pets. Flea bites can be awfully itchy and pets may scratch constantly, which can result to wounds or even skin infections. But, flea bites are more dangerous than just being itchy! Fleas are noted for transferring parasites, such as tapeworms. If pets are severely infested with fleas, they can eventually get anemia because of blood loss. Fleas will surprisingly feed on people, too. These bites typically cause painful red bumps. In some cases, they can even spread severe diseases such as Murine typhus and the bubonic plague.

How to Prevent a Flea Infestation

Fleas may latch on to your pet while it stays outdoors and then infest your pet’s fur. When your pet returns inside, it will carry the fleas into your home. The fleas then invade your carpet, your pet’s sleeping space, and other areas of your home. To avoid an infestation, utilize flea control products on your pets each month. These items range from topical to oral remedies, so you can ask your pet’s veterinarian to suggest the right product.

Flea Control For Your Home

Flea infestations are not that common than in the past, thanks to efficient flea control products. However, if fleas do begin to invade your home, there are steps you can do to eliminate them. Vacuum your carpet completely, then steam clean afterwards to make sure all the fleas and larvae are eliminated. Infested clothing, bedding, and other related items can be washed and then dried on immense heat to kill fleas.

Contact your vet to see if he or she can suggest a flea shampoo your pet. Flea control professionals from Total Flea Control can administer insecticides to control fleas inside your home. Since flea eggs can spawn for a month after a treatment, a second one may be required. Patience is a must, and you can recover your home from the fleas. Fleas can cause severe problems for people and pets, but they can be controlled. For expert flea extermination, you can depend on the flea control specialists at Total Flea Control.