We offer Flea control services to the greater Phoenix area

Discovering you have a flea problem can be immensely frustrating and difficult to get rid of if they have been present for some period. We suggest prompt control of the situation before it worsens, making it more tough to eradicate the fleas. Contact us today and our professional flea exterminators can provide aid!

Fleas do not really select people as hosts. They actually go for animals as their host. If humans are their only food source they will have a hard time multiplying and surviving. It’s when you have pets that an infestation has more probability of happening and lasting until you treat your home. When fleas are discovered in the house, there is a huge chance they’re also around your house. Whether from your pets or other pests such as rodents, you will have to administer treatment to them too, otherwise your effort in flea control will be wasted.

Signs of A Flea Infestation

You can check your home to conclude if a flea problem is present. There are various signs that determine flea activity such as pets who constantly groom themselves or scratch more than usual. It’s usually quite easy to spot fleas on your pet by inspecting their fur or taking them to a veterinarian.

When examining your pets search for something that looks like ground pepper or dirt as these are flea droppings. You’ll possibly find flea droppings on your pet, but it may also be seen on their bedding, the carpeting and rugs or other areas where your pets usually go.

Flea Extermination Services

When your residence has fleas, your pets may have fleas. Accordingly, both your pets and your home should be treated. Your pet must be flea-free for your home treatments to be efficient. If our flea exterminator treats your home but your pet is still overrun with fleas, the fleas will only keep multiplying.

When you’re ready to opt for professional help with fleas, just call Total Flea Control. We can expound our flea exterminator services and what you can do before we begin the treatment. Rest assured you can rely upon us to focus on the affected areas and when done, we will provide relevant information for securing your property from future flea infestations. Call our flea exterminator team from Total Flea Control to witness how our flea solutions work.